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5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on March 29, 2013

Why Employers Should Take A Risk and Hire More Millennials

describe the imageFeeling like your company is missing something - a unique perspective perhaps? Patrick Richard wrote an article for TLNT explaining why employers shouldn't just write millennials off. 

Although they may have a short resume and sparse portfolio, millennials typically possess skills that are transferable. And when they don't know how to do something, millennials set out to teach themselves - they want to prove to themselves and to you that they are capable.

For more reasons as to why you should take a risk and hire a millennial (or a few), check out Richard's article here.

Can You Have Blue Hair at a Job Interview?

This question won't apply to most people, but for the handful of people who like to experiment with their hair color - this type of question is a legitimate concern. A reader wrote to Ask a Manager wondering if showing up to an interview with colored hair would be a deal breaker. Now the reader isn't just talking about hair dyed brown or blond, she has blue hair. And although she is willing to color it a more subtle color, she explains it will take a few weeks for the blue to fade out.

Alison Green puts in this way: "Blue hair is going to be a deal-breaker in a lot of industries, and not an issue in others. So you really, really need to know your own industry on this. In the design or fashion world, for instance, it might be totally fine. In banking, no."

So the takeaway, make sure you do your homework. Some industries may seem like they would be ok with unique hair colors, facial piercing, etc, but in reality - they're not. 

How to Give Critical Feedback at Work 

Ben Eubanks of upstartHR put out a video regarding critical feedback at work. It's short, sweet and full of useful information.

In the video, Eubanks explains the most effective ways of giving feedback, and the positive effects it can have on your employees and the company as a whole.

Watch the video here!

5 Hiring Tips to Takeaway From the U. S. Department of Labor's CareerOneStop

The U.S. Department of Labor launched a website dedicated to helping companies hire and train employees. The site, CareerOneStop, has a variety of tools and information to help fulfill hiring needs. 

We put together a list of the five most helpful tools on the website. Ranging from writing job descriptions to recruiting and retaining employees, this blog post outlines the features of CareerOneStop we find most helpful. 

Best Practices for Pre-Employment Skills Testing  describe the image

Hiring great employees can be a difficult task, depending on your hiring practices that is. Whether you are hiring someone for an entry level or upper level position, ensuring they are the best qualified candidate for the job is critical to not costing your company thousands of dollars on a bad hire or an employee that will turnover quickly.

We published a whitepaper this week on the best practices for pre-employment skills testing. Be sure to download it for free here!

Making the right hiring decisions is easy - all it takes is three steps. Download our guide and start following these easy steps!

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