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5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on March 15, 2013

Laurie Ruettimann explains How to Lodge a Complaint Against HR

Once again, Laurie Ruettimann is telling it how it is (just one of the many reasons why we love her). In her latest article, she gives a step by step breakdown of how to write a letter of complaint against HR.

Her first tip - write the letter to someone other than HR.

She highly recommends you avoid threatening to take legal action or talk to the media.

For the rest of her tips, read the article here

How to Interview a Recent Grad 

Julie Strickland wrote an article for Inc. about interviewing recent college graduates. She cites a study that found 63% of employers make a hiring decision about an applicant 4.3recent grads minutes into the interview. However, she suggests overcoming these initial judgments.

Her advice: 

1. Don't get too personal 

2. Throw around a little business jargon

3. Overlook rookie mistakes, but don't dismiss red flags

Taking Your Pulse: You Need Data to Test How Company Culture Is Doing

dataIn Derek Irvine's article on TLNT, he explains you need to quantify the status of your company culture. In other words, don't trust your gut (that sounds familiar)!

His reasoning for relying on data, "You wouldn’t begin any medical procedures without first testing your heart rate and pulse. Similarly, you shouldn’t begin any efforts at culture management without first taking the pulse of your organization and knowing where you stand."

What Interns Are Worth

Interns are typically paid an hourly wage (that is if they're even paid). But the amount they make is dependent upon their level in school and major. 

Claudia Allen put together a list of average intern hourly rates by grade level. The averages she complied equate to:

Freshman - $13.91

Sophomore - $15.36

Junior - $16.82

Senior - $17.57

Take Allen's advice, "First, you want to have the best pool of interns possible — not just those who can afford to go without a paycheck for the summer. Second, there are legal constraints on unpaid internships, and a lot of attention on meeting Fair Labor Standards Act requirements. If you want your interns to perform “real work,”  you can avoid the legal hassles by paying them."

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