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Weird Interview Questions Uncovered: New eBook

Posted by Erin Borgerson on March 20, 2013

How many cows are in Canada? If you were a sports car, what color would you be?

Although these "creative" interview questions may be the latest trend, the only thing they're good for is a laugh. That's why we created this free guide to explain the truth behind weird interview questions.

weird interview questionsWhen interviewing candidates, you only have so much time to learn about their past experience and future goals. So don't waste it asking these trendy questions, because when that candidate walks out the door, you'll be asking yourself: What was the purpose of that interview? 

Now we're not saying the questions you ask have to be bland; as a matter of fact, we recommend avoiding those generic questions about strengths and weaknesses. But it is important to keep in mind the goal of the interview: To find the right candidate for the job.

You can still have fun with the questions you ask, but cows and sports cars should definitely be avoided. One question we like to ask at Hireology is, "On a long airplane or bus ride, what would we find you doing?"

The answer we look for (especially from sales and marketing candidates) is something along the lines of, "I'll be chatting with the person sitting next to me." This shows the candidate enjoys working with others and has strong communication skills. On the other hand, when a candidate says they don't like when someone sits next to them ansd strikes up a conversation, that raises a red flag. 

We know interviewing isn't easy -- especially when you have a million things running through your mind. But improving your interviewing skills will pay off in the long run.

Download our free guide for the truth about answers to those "creative" interview questions. 

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