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10 Things We Will Have To Explain To Future Hiring Managers

Posted by Erin Borgerson on March 14, 2013

Do you ever look back at your senior prom photos and cringe, thinking, "did I honestly wear that?!" Don't worry we all have embarrassing moments from high school andsoon enough we will look back on the way we hired people and think "did I honestly do it that way?" Yup you did, and some of you still do! 

You might think that your hiring process works fine even if it takes a little extra time to sort those resumes, open every emailed application, and Google interview questions. But we are here to tell you that all of those should be a thing of the past!

Here's 10 things we will have to explain to future hiring managers, HR pros, and HR technology consultants about the way we hired people:

10. The way we stored resumes in our filing cabinets, manila folders, and desk drawers.

buried under resumes














9. Using an email address to collect resumes, cover letters, and applications.


Email Addresses


 8. Having candidates fill out a paper (that white stuff made from trees) job application in person.

Job application












7. That we Googled questions to ask in an interview













6. That to find candidates, we put ads into the newspaper

newspaper posting











5. At one point we had no idea what "Candidate Experience" was

candidate experience

















4. That we didn't order background checks on every new hire...

employee fraud













3. And we also didn't double check your new hire's skill sets

no skills
















2. We thought "culture fit" was a historic term for new immigrants

culture fit













1. We asked bizarre and weird interview questions like "If you were a car what kind of car and color would you be?"

red car











Some of you may still use these things described above and you know what? That's ok! Because luckily there's a whole bunch of systems willing to help you. It's crazy how HR Technology has turned hiring into a data-driven process that companies use to build the best teams. Hopefully we won't look back at our practices now and cringe!

For more weird interview questions and the truth about whether or not they should be used in intervieiws, download our latest interactive eBook: Weird Interview Questions: Uncovered. 

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