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Hireology CEO Published in 2013 Recruiting Technology Trends Report

Posted by Erin Borgerson on March 7, 2013

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We love any reports that contain expert's outlooks on the future of HR Technology and
talent management. Imagine our delight when Adam got the chance to lend his knowledge to Recruiter.com's 2013 Recruiting Technology Trends Report.

The leading recruiting and talent management website, Recruiter.com, published the Ebook last week after a series of popular articles on their blog. Adam's contribution can be found in the ATS and Applications section of the report. The 30-page informational guide outlines some of the major trends for recruiting, employment, and HR tech for 2013.

The CEO and Founder of Recruiter.com, Miles Jennings decided to compile the report after the "consistent pursuit of refining the recruitment and hiring process drives constant change and exciting technological innovations."

Robinson, who heads up top Selection Management platform Hireology, discussed the Massive Move Toward Adding Selection Data and Tools Into Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). In his quote he says, "For the past 15+ years, the ATS has primarily served as a repository for resumes, with some basic workflow tools and reporting thrown in. 2013 will usher in the early adopters for what we refer to as a 'selection management system,' or 'smart ATS.' I think 2013 is year two of a five year cycle that will produce the next generation of talent and selection platforms."

The 30-page report features an examination of recruiting technology trends with expert commentary and helpful advice for recruiting practitioners. To view the entire report click here. 

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