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The Five Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on February 22, 2013

What to do When Your Internship Stinks  

A HR intern wrote to Evil HR Lady expressing frustration about her internship. Upon accepting the intership, she was told she would be doing very little clerical work - but now, the only assignments she's been given has been filing.

As an unpaid intern, she explains that the hours spent at the office are very precious to her. She was intending to get real-world experience out of it, but that hasn't been the case. 

Unfortuantely, as a college student, this is a pretty common issue amongst my classmates. Luckily, Evil HR Lady has a great response, which you can view here.

8 Tips for Hiring and Managing Interns 

hiring internsWe normally don't like to include two articles by the same author in these weekly wrap-ups, but we felt this was a hot topic and deserved to be fully covered. 

Evil HR Lady a.k.a Suzanne Lucas, wrote a blog for Inc. which included eight tips to hiring and managing interns. Her main points, which we strongly recommend you review, can be viewed here. At first glance, it may seem like common sense. But we continuously hear stories of interns being used as personal assistants and administrative personelle. That's not what they're their for - so take Lucas' advide to heart.

3 Things the 'Harlem Shake' Reveals About the Workplace

Shelley Prevost wrote an article for Inc. about the latest trend - The Harlem Shake. If you don't know what it is, just type "Harlem Shake" into Youtube...and turn down the volume onhireology company culture your computer.

According to Prevost, it's more than just a ridiculous dance - it can reveal a lot about your company culture. How? Read Prevost's three ways here

What Employers Need to Know About New 563-Page Health Privacy Rule

Is it safe to assume you didn't read all 563 pages of the Health Privacy Rule? Well, Mark Toth
took it upon himself to outline the key points of the regulation - and we're all so grateful he did.

The main areas addressed are privacy/security and breach notification. What falls under
these umbrella topics? Read Toth's summary here.

Remember, this rule takes effect March 26, 2013 - so get ready

Three Out of Four Hires Fail: How to beat the odds

Drew Greenblat wrote an article for Inc. about ways his company, Marlin Steel, has beat the hiring odds. 

His advice:

1. Use a structured hiring process that goes beyond resumes and interviews.

2. Get an objective understanding of your best people.

3.   Develop customized performance models.

4.   Have the supervisors take the assessment.

5.  Repeat for every hire, for every position.

Read the full article for more details. 

retaining great employees with job structure

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