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Hiring for Culture Fit: The most effective process

Posted by Erin Borgerson on February 20, 2013

We all have our own ways of doing things. Whether it's our morning routines or how we do our jobs, everyone's processes are different. Although there's not one right way to do things, some are better than others.

Hiring is no different. Some hiring managers prefer filing resumes in manila folders, whereas others prefer storing them in the cloud. Some hiring managers know exactly what they're going to ask during interviews, and others don't know what they'll ask until the question is coming out of their mouths.hireology company culture

We're not here to make you change your ways, but from our experience, we've found that certain hiring practices just work better than others. Let's take a look at our favorite process for hiring for culture fit:

1. Ask questions based around the company's values

Asking interview questions centered around the company’s core values, customs and traditions is highly recommended. No, it's not to "test" the candidate and see if they studied up on your company before the interview. But rather, asking such questions helps hiring managers determine how well candidate X would fit in your company. Do their values and goals align with those of the company? Is it important for their customs to align with the comapny's? 

Answers to these types of questions are often used to make final hiring decisions. The candidate who had similar goals and values to the company is typically the one who will get the offer letter. 

2. Ask the candidate "What the worst company culture you worked in?" 

Jim Roddy, President of Jameson Publishing, suggests asking candidates about the worst company culture they’ve experienced. By asking the candidate to reflect on a presumably negative experience, you'll learn how they handled the experience and how they grew from it.

Roddy also recommends asking “How did you cope in that culture?” This will “provide insight into several character traits of the candidate” and give you a feel for their attitude and overall outlook - one of the most valuable traits you can gage. 

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