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The Five Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on February 15, 2013

Everything you need to know about hiring the week of February 11th:

Sit Down and Listen Up - What the best recruiters already know that you should too  

Carol Schultz wrote this article for ERE.net about recruiting and what it's all about. According to Schultz, "recruiting is all about communication." 

Her first tip is to remember, it's not about you. When reaching out to prospects for the first time, keep it brief. Don't pitch the job on a voicemail and don't send an email as long as a novel. Keep it concise. 

Once you get to talking and it comes time for the interview, make sure you prepare. The more you prepare, the better the candidate will be prepared - and the better you'll both look.

Make sure you get back to them within 24 hours with solid feedback, even if what you hear is negative.

For more tips, read Schultz's article here

Steve Boese asks What’s your culture really like? Ask the new guy from out of town… 

Not only does Steve Boese's article make a good point about company culture, it's also quite entertaining. 

His argument: Each employee's view of "what's it like to work here" leads to an assumption that everyone feels the same way about the company.

Rather than relying upon annual employee surveys or gossip over lunch, Boese suggests the most "refreshing" view of a company's culture comes from the newest employees. 

hiringBoese uses the example of a conversation he had with Alexy Shved, a basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who recently moved to the US from Russia:

"Hey Alexey, what's it like in America?"

"Well, everybody loves donuts here, and I eat them too. People mostly drink beer and not stronger drinks, exactly like in The Simpsons."



Wondering how Shved's answer relates to company culture? Read the rest of the article here

The 4 Critical Questions HR Really Needs to be Asking 

 wrote an article for TLNT.com about the four questions HR needs to be asking. There's a lot of new trends in store for 2013, and HR needs to be ready. 

Here are the questions Irvine suggests all leaders ask:hiring interview questions

  1. Utilization

  2. Training

  3. Recruiting

  4. Recognition

Wondering what he means when he recommends asking questions about "utilization" or "recognition"? Read the full article here.

The Anatomy of a Great Resume

You know us - we love infographics. And the Recruiter's Lounge created one we just have to share. A resume wearing a bikini getting hit on...it really doesn't get any better than that.

Take a look at one of our top 3 favorite inforgraphics of all time

Don’t Hold Them Back! … and 4 Other Ways to Keep Top Talent

Jason Weingarten, the co-founder and president of global solutions for RECSOLU wrote an article for ERE.net. He discusses what his company has done over the past year to spot great talent from within. 

  1. Immerse Top Talent Directly with Customers and Your Products

  2. Challenge Their Thoughts, But Don’t Hold Them BackDiscuss Business Strategy Openly

  3. Discuss Business Strategy Openly

  4. Hold Quarterly Succession Planning Meetings

  5. Surround Top Talent with Top Talent

To find out just how RECSOLU implements each of these strategies, read Weingarten's full article here


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