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The 5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on February 1, 2013

What you need to know about hiring during the week of January 27th:


How to Banish Office Politics

Office politics plague just about every company. But when petty issues begins to impact theoffice politics hiring entire company, it's time to make a change.  of TLNT.com wrote an article about how to keep office politics to a minimum. 

1. Address it head-on, but stay out of the middle

2. Present a united front

3. Call it like it is

How to Hire When You Know an Applicant Personally

Interviewing a friend can be awkward, but telling them they didn't get the job is even more uncomfortable. A reader wrote to Ask a Manager asking what the best way is to approach these situations.

Her advice: If your friend is the best candidate and you are willing to manage them, then it may be worth it. But before you make any descisions, Alison suggests deciding whether or not you would be able to give your friend constructive feedback. And what if they don't like your management style, will you be able to handle that tension spilling over into your personal life?

On the other hand, if your friend isn't the best candidate, then it's best not to bring them onto the team. In her blog, Alison shares some great ways to let your friend know they didn't get the job.

company cultureA Little Crazy, a Little Fun: Building the Right Company Culture

We like to thing we're pros when it comes to building a strong company culture. I mean what other companies have a giant pink gorilla named Crusher just sitting in their office? But  of Inc. also knows what it takes to boost your company culture. 

In her article, Jimenez shares three unusual ways to boost culture. From a DIY ugly sweater contest to a trip to Napa Valley and a try-on party, her ideas take an eccentric approach to the very important team-building experiences. 

Some Foolproof Ways to Avoid HRhiring hireology selection manager

No one likes HR, that is until they need help. But as

Today's College Recruiting Picture: It's Finally Starting to Pickup

 has some good news: There's a glimmer of hope for graduting college students looking for jobs. He explains that employer perceptions of the college labor market are going back to pre-recession levels. He also says that career fairs for soon-to-be college grads still dominate. According to Haun they drive the most traffic. 

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