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Franchisee Hiring Tips: Attracting talent to your location

Posted by Erin Borgerson on January 24, 2013

75% of franchisee's have report they have trouble with hiring. Do you have the sameattract candidates to your franchise problem? Finding a solution to your hiring and recruiting issues is mandatory for franchisee's running a profitable business.

In order to have a more streamlined hiring process inside your location, you are going to need 4 key components. Below we outline the best practices for each component:

Job Descriptions

Did you know that you can weed out under-qualified candidates simply with a good job description? Aligning the job description with your company values and culture will give you the candidates you want with the experience you need. Hiring salespeople? Follow the job description guide we give you in this post from last week.

Promote the Job

If you promote it, they will come. Atleast that's what we've seen if you are posting to job boards! Using job boards to promote your job will increase your candidate traffic and provide you with quaified candidates who are searching for jobs in your area. Check out niche job boards as they tend to have higher concentrations of experienced and qualified candidates. Our favorite? Sales Gravy. A whole community of salespeople - at your fingertips. You're welcome.

Careers Page

It's the first thing the candidate sees when they apply for a job so it better be good. A structured and well organized career site will attract more candidates and display your company culture. A good careers page will make a candidate say "wow I want to work there!" Looking for a good example? See Homescout Realty's page based right here in Chicago. Even Hireologists want to work for them!

Interview Process

Do you mean to tell us that you don't have interview guides? A customized interview guide is crucial to your hiring process. How do you know you are asking the same questions to every applicant if you don't have a structured guide? Using an interview guide will help you determine who the best person for the job is. Trust us, we are the experts.

Want more advice and tips on hiring the best people for your franchise location? Download our free interactive eBook now!


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