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5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on January 18, 2013

In case you missed it, here are the five things you need to know about hiring this week.

Week of January 13th:

How to Avoid a Desperate Decision 

In this article,  outlines a recent study of managers under pressure to show growth. Researches looked at 872 acquisitions made by 401 firms and found hireology interviewingthat those under such pressure were more likely to overpay for an acquisition. 

Bacharach then explains how this doesn't just occur in the sphere of acquisitions, but in any situation where there is a sense of desperation. However, he lists five alternatives to making a brash decision. The most notable are as follows:

1. "Appreciate that no action is action."

2. "Do not lose sight of quantative numbers."

3. "Don't get carried away with the doomsday metaphor."

Death Wish? Discuss Politics at Work 

"In a March 2012 survey, Careerbuilder found that 23 percent of workers who have discussed politics at work had a heated discussion or fight with a co-worker, boss, or someone else higher up in the organization. While some people might not consider that a significant hireology politics in the workplace HRnumber, the short-term and long-term impact on your culture can be substantial. Even one fight can derail the making of a safe and constructive environment."

That number may seem small, but when you think about the impact politics can have on culture and productivity, it's huge - and certainly not worth it.

 explains that trying to handle politics in the office is a delicate process. We completely agree; as a matter of fact, we wrote an entire eBook on how to handle politics in the office.

Is Culture Greater than Salary? 

This fun article/cartoon/fantastic chalk board drawing by Joe Hanson is the perfect example of a millennials mind. We (millennials) think we want to work for a company where we'll make a gross amount of money; but in the end, a strong company culture is more desirable than a huge paycheck.

Of course we still want to earn enough to live comfortably, but culture is so much more important to millennials than money. In our blog, we elaborate on Hanson's article further

2013 Legal Trends: Expect Federal Workplace Scrunity to Increase

Kristin R. Erenburg covers the key issues the National Labor Relations Board focused on inHireology interviewing For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a five year plan identifying the areas that require increased attention. 

"Given the trends of 2012, it should come as no surprise that labor and employment attorneys are warning employers to expect even greater scrutiny of workplace policies in 2013. As many commentators pointed out in President Obama’s first term, this is a labor- and employee-friendly administration."

Try Using Employee Referrals for Filling Internal Openings

With an abundant list of the benefits, Dr. John Sullivan makes a strong case for the use of employee referral programs. 

The following are his strongest points:

1. "Internal placements are cheaper"

"Filling an opening with a current employee is as much as 40% cheaper in salary than external hiring, because the candidates in the mix are not being 'bid on' by several firms."

2. "Internal placements increase retention and development"

3. "Better candidate assessment"

"Because the individual being referred is a coworker, your employees are much more likely to thoroughly know the employee, their work, and the likelihood that they are a good fit for the position." 

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