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ATS Solutions for Small Businesses: 3 things to look for

Posted by Erin Borgerson on January 17, 2013

In the market for an ATS? Many small businesses are because they are lacking aats solutions for small businesses human resources department or a recruiter. Many of these small businesses have email inboxes for resumes and no idea what they should ask their candidates during an interview. They are on the market for something that can solve these problems, and many of their connections have mentioned an ATS.

Unfortunately an ordinary ATS will not give these small businesses the functions they are looking for. The right ATS or hiring platform will contain 3 necessary features to streamline and organize the hiring process. Here's what small businesses will need from an ATS or hiring platform:

A Resume Tracker

This is what every ordinary ATS does. It tracks the resumes, applications, and cover letters that candidates submit through a web page. Generally it organizes them by name and date submitted. If the resume tracker has a good UI it will show the candidates the user has viewed and those they haven't viewed. 

Job Profiler & Interview Guides

A great hiring platform will have a tool that profiles the job the owner is hiring for and will supplement the user with interview questions to ask each candidate. A job profiling tool will analyze an open position and give insight on what questions to ask based off of research done by the platform. Tools like this are fairly new but incredibly useful if an owner lacks the education of a human resources professional or I/O psychologist (which most small businesses and franchisees do).

Verification Packages

Like we say here, and here, it's always important to verify a candidate. A good ATS solution for a small business would give the user options to order background checks, skills assessments, and personality profiles so they can verify the candidate and not hurt their business. Many small businesses do not believe they can afford verification tools but it's simply too expensive NOT to check out your candidate. The standard background check generally costs less than $20 and goodness knows they need to save money as a franchisee or business owner.

Finding an ATS or hiring platform that fits your small business or franchise can be difficult. Just look for these three things above and you will be on your way to hiring success! Good luck.

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