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5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on January 11, 2013

Now that we've all been back in the office for an entire week, things are starting to get hectic again. We've put together a list of the five most important hiring-related news from the past week.

The week of January 7th:

Can we ask a potentially contagious coworker to contain his germs?

If you've flipped on the TV or opened your favorite news app this week, you're probably well aware that the flu if the worst it has been in years. This week, Alison Green tackles the question on the minds of many, How do I approach a contagious co-worker about containtaing their germs? hireology news

According to Green, a situation like this should ideally be handled by the ill employee's manager. But in typical Ask a Manager style, Green doesn't just leave the answer at that. She continues on to explain that if you have a good manager, you can always talk to them about different ways to remedy the situation (i.e. having ill employees work from home, amending the sick-leave policy, etc.).

If these options just aren't feasible, Green says "You’re absolutely within your rights to ask [the ill employee] to take measures to avoid spreading [their] germs." 

What to do After a Bad Job Interview

After being contacted by a reader concerned about an interivew going poorly, HR Bartender Sharlyn Lauby reached out to career coach Miriam Salpeter to get her input. Salpeter recommends sending the interviewer a follow-up note regarding a point you didn't articulate as well as you would have liked. In the article, Salpeter provides a great example,“You asked about my past successes planning major events, and I forget to mention the XYZ program for over 1,500 colleagues I planned last year. The CEO personally thanked me!”

The Five Basic Rules of Happy Employees

Of course the definiton of employee happiness varies from industry to industry, but Derek Irvine outlined the five universal rules of employee happiness for TLNT.com. 

hireology newsLet's look at the top three:

Happy employees want challenges; and the further they are pushed, the more successful they become. So don't be afraid to encourage employees to take on projects outside their comfort zone, because in the end, they'll be glad they did.

There is a strong correlation between happiness and meaning. When an employee feels their contribution to the company is meaningful, they are more likely to be happy. It sounds simple, and it is; but the more meaningful an employee feels their work is, the happier they will be in their position.

When your company offers a good balance between work and life, employees are automatically going to be happier. Even those who are married to their jobs need time away to recharge. 

Workplace Flexibility: This Year, Collaborative Scheduling Is Ready to Take Of

Paul Rupert, founder of Washington, DC-based Rupert & Company, has been building flexible workplaces for 40 years. But according to Rupert, 2013 is going to see a surge workplace flexibility, or “flexibility as practice.”

Rupert preditcs that work-site and scheduling negotations will continue to become more and more flexible, there will be more online support tools for manager and employee communications, and more flexibility in terms of wellness and retirement practices.

5 Reasons Your Customer Service Needs to be Social 

Ok, so maybe this isn't totally HR-related, but it's still important. hireology news

Whether or not your company is actively engaged in social media, your customers sure are. And this doesn't mean that they just want to "like" your page and move on - 62% of customers said they have used social media for customer service and 30% prefer that medium over traditional customer service phone calls. 

If you're still not convinced that social media is actually beneficial, then this stat is for you: Over 70% of customers who have a positive customer service experience through social media will recommend the brand. Even better, these customers are likely to spend 20 to 40% more money with your company.  

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