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How to Choose a Behavioral, Skills, or Personality Test

Posted by Margot Nash on November 21, 2011

With Hireology's new "Testing" feature up and running, we've received several inquiries from customers (AND non-customers) about how to pick the best test for the scenario at hand.

Because Hireology offers some of the most well researched, predictive tests, we thought we'd offer some insight into: a) how we picked the tests we wanted to offer in Hireology and B) how you can best determine which of our assessments to administer on your candidate.

Q: How did Hireology choose which tests to offer through its interface?

A: Hireology Based its test selection criteria on 4 main factors:

  • Can we administer the test online, with ease; and offer it to our customers on a one-off basis?
  • Does the test accurately predict success, yielding evidence for statistical validity?
  • Does the test have a positive reputation for being used in relation to hiring?
  • Does the test measure specific candidate characteristics, to where users can quickly know which test applies to the job at hand?

Because their response was YES to all of the above, we chose to integrate with a slew of specific skills tests provided by a well-known testing company, a batch of behavioral assessments provided by another popular testing company, and the DiSC personality profile, provided by InScape Publishing. We plan to incorporate other selection tests in the near future that meet these four requirements.  

Q: Which of Hireology's assessments should I use when I am left with three great sales candidates and I need to pick one?Order additional testing resized 600

A: We now offer a few different Sales-specific behavioral assessments. Three we love are the Professional Sales Profile, the Influence test, and the Sales Ability and Fit assessment. Each of these will take a candidate no more than 15 minutes to complete, online. They ask great questions that relate to sales and all related characteristics. They're also extremely cost effective.

Q: Which of Hireology's tests should I use when I know which candidate I want to hire, but I need to understand their work style so that I can best manage them?

A: DiSC Profiles are meant to give a manager insight into their new candidate's tendencies. The DiSc Workplace Profile isn't necessarily right for selection because it won't tell you whether the candidate will do a good job. It will, however tell you the style in which they'll perform the job you've hired them to do. It will give you insight into the candidates priorities, strengths, and dominant traits. Some organizations even take it so far as to DiSC profile their entire team. They report strengthened work environments, higher productivity, and less conflict. Hireology also offers DiSC for a lower price than most providers.

Q: Which of Hireology's tests should I use when there is a specific skill I want to make sure my candidate has before I even interview them?

A: While our proprietary SmartRank survey will help you determine which candidates have the experience to do the job, some customers use our Skills Tests to whittle down the pool early on. For example, say one of the must-have job criteria is typing speed, or Excel, or even knowledge of Legal Vocabulary. We now offer tests for pretty much any specific knowledge, skill or ability you can think of, in any category.

If you still need help determining which test to use, we're only a call away. Enjoy!

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Margot Nash

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Margot Nash is Hireology's VP of Product where she integrates her experience in psychology, selection consulting and recruitment into Hireology's platform. As a self-proclaimed "selection junkie," Margot has a true passion for understanding the psychology of success and is determined to pioneer a shift in the way businesses approach the hiring process.