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Just getting started? Check out our new Welcome Guide

Posted by Margot Nash on July 6, 2011

With the influx of new customers and inquiries coming our way as a result of our success at SHRM, we've realized that a "getting started" guide for our product was long overdue.

Your feedback for us has generally been: "We love Hireology, but we'd like some guidance while getting our account up and running."

To that, we respond: "We understand." We've been working on major enhancements to our account set-up process, which will make it more intuitive. While the new designs will be up and running in the next months, we know an immediate solution is also necessary. For that, we've created the ultimate get-started guide with step-by-step instructions even the "technologically challenged" can follow! Welcome to Hireology Page 02 resized 600

If you already have an account on Hireology, shoot us an email and we'll send you a PDF version of our welcome guide. If not, what are you waiting for? Sign up for an account! It's free.

The guide walks new users through the entire set-up process (adding users, creating your company profile, setting up your careers portal, adding candidates and more...). It's full of pictures, arrows and quick tips to get you acclimated, fast.

Oh, and did we mention we demo the get-started process on a regular basis over the phone? We do this for new users and for anyone thinking of giving Hireology a try for the first time. Just email support@hireology.com to set up a time to talk! We promise not to laugh when you don't understand what "widget" means.

Get your Hireology account up and running today!

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Margot Nash

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Margot Nash is Hireology's VP of Product where she integrates her experience in psychology, selection consulting and recruitment into Hireology's platform. As a self-proclaimed "selection junkie," Margot has a true passion for understanding the psychology of success and is determined to pioneer a shift in the way businesses approach the hiring process.