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Rejecting Candidates: Hireology makes it easy

Posted by Margot Nash on May 26, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do. The same goes for rejecting candidates: The awkward conversation, the cold email, and in some cases, the unreturned voicemails. No level-headed person enjoys telling someone they just don't have what it takes.

Hireology feels your pain. While we can't (yet) fly out to your office and facilitate the difficult conversation, we've done what we can to make this process easier on our customers.

Hireology presents... built-in rejection letters on your Candidate Detail page!describe the image At any point during the interview process, our customers can simply click a red thumbs-down button to change a candidate's status to "inactive." Just as you click the button, we'll ask if you'd like to send/edit a legally and morally defensible rejection letter. Upon your confirmation, the letter is emailed directly to your candidate.

While we always recommend having a conversation with finalists to explain your choice, we know that it's often easy to forget to follow up with candidates who are eliminated early on in the  hiring process. But, remember: candidates left in the dark are usually more frustrated with your organization than candidates who receive follow-up... even if that follow-up implies "we're just not that into you."

Hireology's thumbs-down reminds our customers to quickly address unqualified candidates at any step of the way! Letting your candidates know that you've appreciated their interest and that your decision was not personal is as easy as clicking a button.

If only it were this easy with relationships!

We may not be dating experts, but we sure know a thing or two about interviewing! Check out our guide on the most common interviewing mistakes. 

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Margot Nash

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Margot Nash is Hireology's VP of Product where she integrates her experience in psychology, selection consulting and recruitment into Hireology's platform. As a self-proclaimed "selection junkie," Margot has a true passion for understanding the psychology of success and is determined to pioneer a shift in the way businesses approach the hiring process.