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Recognizing Talent: The benefits of internal promotions

Posted by Erin Borgerson on April 30, 2014

Recruiting for upper-level positions requires an investment of time, energy and money - three things you don’t want to waste when running a restaurant. Luckily, there’s a possible solution right under your nose: your current employees. Promoting from within gives both you and your workforce the opportunity to grow and learn together, making it easier to continue working at full speed.

Relying on your current workforce as a talent pool can simplify your recruiting process and comes with many benefits. Consider these perks when searching for your next great hire: 

Start with the top.

12813069_sThis may seem pretty obvious, but identify the top performers on your team and place those employees at the top of your list. Take note of people who go the extra mile not only in terms of customer service, but helping out fellow team members as well. Keeping track can help you save time when a position needs to be filled quickly.

Skip the training and get to work.

Training and ensuring a cultural fit is a necessary, and time consuming, step when welcoming a new hire to the team. Promoting from within means less time spent on learning the ropes and more time focused on getting to work. Plus, your internal hire will have a good grasp of your business’s culture and practices, making it easier for them to transition into their new leadership role.

Promotion is a motivation tool.

Promoting from within can have a ripple effect of sorts on your workplace. Providing deserving employees with a new opportunity can serve as motivation for the rest of your team, lending them an example of where drive and passion can take them in your business. Understanding that there is the potential for growth can inspire your team to strive towards that next step in their career.

So next time you need to fill a position, stop and take a look around at the dedicated employees that surround you. That next great hire could be closer than you think.

Imani is a content marketing analyst at Snagajob. When she’s not writing content for employers to read, she can be found catching up on celebrity gossip, updating her blog or channeling her inner rock star at karaoke. 

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