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From a Uniform to a Suit: The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Posted by Erin Borgerson on March 17, 2014

The unemployment rate of veterans post 9/11 has grown to 9.2%, which is much hirer than the national unemployment rate of 6.7%. It is very unfortunate that the brave men and women who fight for our freedom aren’t being hired. Many companies overlook the benefits of hiring a veteran. Not only does hiring a veteran help those who fought for your country, it can also help your company as a whole. 

Veteran Experience

When companies look at hiring a veteran one of the main concerns is the lack of education or work experience. Companies shouldn’t be looking at the time spent as an active member of the military as lack of experience.12653974_s Even though many veterans haven’t attended college they still have enough, if not more, skills than the general public. It is also important to keep in mind that many veterans are attending college while seeking a job, which means they are in the process of building their knowledge. 

Veteran Skills

While in the military veterans have learned how to be disciplined, motivated, pushed, loyal, and the list could go on. Many veterans that have been deployed have worked in terrible conditions with long hours and no sleep while protecting each other. Would anyone else work in that environment? Probably not. This is what makes veterans a valuable employee to have on your team. They have gained life experience that no book or school could ever teach. These are skills that veterans have gained that make them an asset to a company. Why not hire an employee that is loyal and motivated to work? 

Company Benefits

Companies that make an effort to hire veterans are seen as charitable and receive a positive public image. The general public like to work with or support companies that help veterans. Also, companies that hire veterans have the ability to receive a tax break and that is definitely a plus. It is important to protect those who have fought for our country and the best way to repay them is by giving them job opportunities to help support their life after active duty. 

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