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The Ultimate Resource Guide for Automotive Hiring

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on March 25, 2016

Library_2.jpgThere’s nothing wrong with seeking out help or advice, especially when it can be used towards an advantage (in a good way, of course). If you have the opportunity to make things easier in life or business, you take it. That’s what Hireology is offering today for those hiring in the retail automotive industry. 

Citing an article from Automotive News, this is what we know to be true about the auto industry:

“Car dealers are raising their employees’ pay and are getting higher productivity for it. But dealers still suffer from high sales staff turnover and struggle to hire women (as well as millennials) and fill some fixed-operations jobs.”

Turnover, the struggle to hire women and millennials at dealerships—all things most people in the industry have either read about or heard of in recent time, but is anyone doing anything to fix these problems?

Take Your Dealership to the Next Level

resource guide download hireology hiring auto automotive

Our latest resource offer, The Ultimate Resource Guide for Automotive Hiring, is the first of many steps you can take to make improvements at your dealership. We’ve decided to gather our best resources, everything from Hireology studies on automotive hiring to cheat sheets on refining your career site, and decided to put everything in one, definitive guide.

By downloading this guide, you’ll be gaining insight to:

  • The Power of Process: Eliminating Guesswork from Hiring
  • 10 Essential Reasons Why Hiring the Right People Matters
  • How to Get 100 Candidates By Next Week
  • 7 Signs It’s Time to Reinvent Your Career Site
  • The Go-To Career Site Checklist for Attracting Better Talent
  • The 411 On Phone Interviews
  • Driving Revenue for Your Auto Dealership: Hiring the Right Salespeople
  • 10 Reasons to Use Candidate Assessment Tests
  • Four Sources of Sales Turnover
  • Lowering Dealership Turnover: Increase Both Productivity & Profitability

Take advantage these recruiting and hiring tips for the sake of boosting your dealership business by downloading the free guide here

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James Patrick Kahler

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