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5 Things to See at SHRM 2014

Posted by Erin Borgerson on June 19, 2014

It's that time of year again...SHRM_2014_Logo

The air is humid, the firework vendors are out, and every HR Blogger, buyer, and supplier is headed to Orlando for the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference!

For the fourth consecutive year, Hireology will be representing the Selection Management platforms of the world (See: Us) and attending parties wearing our trademarked Jams. Want to say hi? We will be at booth #677 with a smoking beaker and a big smile.

Besides Hireology, here are 5 other sites, sessions, and speakers to see at the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference:

5. The SHRM Social Bash with our friends Glassdoor

Without a doubt the best after party of the year, the SHRM Social Bash with Glassdoor will always be a crowd pleaser. Music, dancing, and tipsy HR folk is the best mixture for a party and last year it was held at Chicago's House of Blues with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the famous bouncing floor. Totally mind blowing.

This year it's at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Universal Citywalk from 8pm to 11pm. RSPV for free here! Cross your fingers they bring a musical act as epic as DJ Jazzy Jeff.

4. The Expo Hall

There is simply nothing like it. The SHRM expo hall blows my mind every year and I have been to thousands of conferences. With over 3,000 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees, the expo hall will be humming day and night. 

Come to the conference with a list of exhibitors that you want to meet, your company or HR wants and needs, and a map to wherever CareerBuilder is going to be. Rumor has it their booth is "Disney" themed. I will definitely be making a pit stop there.

3. Tim McGraw

Arguably the Prince of Country Music (with George Strait being the King, duh) you cannot miss Tim McGraw's performance on Tuesday night.

Watch him sing his greatest hits from the 90's to now and sing along with all the other audience members. I already packed my cowboy boots! 

2. Robin Roberts & Laura Bush

Girl power! Two of this year's SHRM 2014 speakers are female powerhouses who have been in the news this year for everything from books to equality to the 2016 election. 

Robin Roberts, the co-anchor of Good Morning America recently overcame two bouts of cancer, announced an upcoming memoir, and made a triumphant return to the air all in the last year. Don't miss her inspiring talk and bring the tissues!

Laura Bush was not only the FLOTUS for 8 years but is also "a leading voice for spreading freedom and promoting human rights across the globe." You will leave her session with the motivation and drive to change the world. 

Don't miss these keynote speakers, who will open and close the conference respectively.

1. Walt Disney World & Universal Studios from the air

Ok, so I visited Orlando in March and was absolutely blown away to catch sight of Mickey Mouse's kingdom and Universal Studios from 15,000 feet up. If you are flying in/out of Orlando, make sure to keep your window flap open (Even if your SHRM party hangover wants it down) so you can see the stunning spread of kingdoms, worlds, and lands. 

There's nothing like Orlando in the summer (read: 100% humidity & 100 million children) see ya'll there!

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