Five ways to fail during the hiring process

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 27, 2014

Nobody likes a failure (said the mean gym coach to the fat, 3rd grade version of myself), especially the C-suite executives running your company. It’s easy to make mistakes at work; it’s only human. However, if your job is to perform the same tasks frequently, then it’s vital to make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

As the great NASA Flight Director and Manager Gene Kranz once said, “Failure is not an option.”

If you’re a recruiter or HR manager, this is especially true. Hiring the wrong candidate for an open position can be costly for your company. Not only does turnover actually cost you money in the long run, it also disrupts company culture and workflow. Not to mention it also completely ruins the office fantasy football league!


There are several ways to avoid making mistakes during the hiring process, yet the best way to do so is by recognizing what causes such errors. Having knowledge of where you faltered before can only help you succeed in the future. Below are five common ways managers make poor hiring decisions.

1.) Too quick to hire

Sometimes there’s pressure to hire quickly; that’s understandable. Yet it’s also necessary to not rush the process. As I mentioned earlier, turnover is costly, so take your time. Make sure the candidate that you’re interviewing is qualified and legitimately interested in the opportunity.

2.) Ignoring background checks & tests 

It may not be necessary for every open position, but it’s not a bad idea to conduct background checks and skills tests for you candidates. This might be one of the easiest ways dodge the “I hired an axe murderer” bullet, as well as see who is truly capable of successfully working at your company.  

3.) Poor job descriptions

This is a common mistake and definitely one that’s so easy to avoid. Job descriptions are like mini advertisements for your company. They’re like the peephole into your company culture, so take your time when writing up these descriptions. Get creative and detailed about the open position, as well as your what your company is like. You want to attract candidates, not scare them away with boring content.

4.) Horrible interview questions

Much like poor job descriptions, using bad interview questions can scare candidates away. They can also be costly if they’re illegal, so do your homework and see what types of questions are appropriate and insightful for the specific position. 

5.) Overlooking culture fit


Your company culture is essential to everyday business. You want to be certain that your candidate is a great culture fit. Even if you have a candidate that’s brilliant, if he or she isn’t the best fit for your workplace environment, there’s a good chance that person will not stick around for the long run.  Plus, you want to enjoy working with the people in your office, not loathe going into the office every morning because “Johnny” loves preaching Scientology at the water cooler and eats all of the jelly donuts!

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Hiring for your auto dealership: Predicting Success

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 26, 2014

Everyone knows the ole saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” right? Well in our case, that’s not true. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. This past week our leadership team headed out to Las Vegas for the 2014 Digital Dealer Conference. Naturally, money was lost and won, but the highlight of the trip was a successful session lead by our CEO Adam Robinson.  

Auto dealership hiring

Adam highlighted the fact that hiring the right people matters during his session titled Predicting Success: A new model for selecting the right person for the job. Seeing that the National Automobile Dealers Association reported that sales turnover at dealerships is approximately 62%, it was only fitting for Adam to talk about an appropriate remedy for this issue confronting the industry.

Now, although it might not be a swanky video of our team making bank at the poker table, we do have audio/video of Adam’s session in Vegas. If you want to gain insight on improving your hiring process at your dealership, take a look at the video.

Session Highlights 

Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Introduction to Selection Management
  • Learn how to analyze your job
  • Why competencies matter
  • The four super elements of a candidate

Watch the entire session below!

Predicting success at your auto dealership


Looking for more insight? Take a look at our free eBook and learn how to boost revenue by perfecting your hiring process. 

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Hiring for Fall: Three reasons it's a good idea

Posted by Natalie Pike on September 25, 2014

Leaves are starting to change color, football season has begun, and the absurd amount of all things pumpkin spice is in full swing. Fall has officially arrived. With the first day of autumn being only two days ago, on September 23rd, now is the perfect time to hire. But why?

1.  Interns are looking for full-time positions

Whether you have a slew of interns working for you already or you're on the hunt for some fresh faces, now is the best time to hire full-time. This young clad is ready and willing to work. They spent the entire summer working hard in hopes of finding a true career afterwards. Now, say you have some interns already and you're hesitant to officially hire them onto the team. What is holding you back? According to an article in Forbes magazine, "interns challenge 'the way we’ve always done it' mentality and bring fresh, new ideas to the company. Interns are good at questioning processes and can often see a better way of doing things that a manager might not." This reason alone can be extremely beneficial to the company you are trying to build. 


2. It's football season!

Call me crazy, but football season can be surprisingly good for your office. It is the most popular american sport and causes a buzz wherever you go. Some may think it causes a distraction in the workplace, when really, it provides a good source for company culture. Emily He, Chief Marketing Officer at Saba Software says, "we learn a lot about the power of connecting our employees and strengthening our culture through sports.  We believe allowing employees to partake in team sports is fantastic for the company because it helps build a culture of trust, connection, and collaboration."  There is no better time to bring someone onto the team than during this season. This will show them how important company culture is and you'll get a good idea whether they will really fit into that culture or not. 

3. A new batch of millennials are here to stay

Summer vacation is over. You, along with other hiring managers, are looking for the cream of the crop and they are ready to be scooped up. They've got their college degrees, most likely an internship under their belt, and an innovative mind that is ready to work. Hesistant to hire a millennial? Don't be. Hireology's very own Jimmy Kahler says, "young professionals entering the workforce are typically willing to work for lower salaries as long as the jobs are the right fit for them. Therefore, even if they don’t have outstanding experience, they’re still more affordable to hire compared to those with a superior background." 

Fall is the busiest hiring season of the year. So, grab a pumpkin spice latte, light your pumpkin spice candle, pop in a piece of pumpkin spice gum (I swear, it exists) and start hiring your award-winning team!


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Slick Willy says hire millennials - with or without experience

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 24, 2014

There’s an exciting movement for young adults that’s about to begin and it might not be what you think. No, it’s not another viral video challenge or campaign choosing sides to which fictional character you prefer the main character to date (team Gale for life! {Hunger Games reference}), so don’t worry. This movement is a positive one and was started by none other than Slick Willy himself!


Ok, so maybe former President Bill Clinton didn’t come up with this idea by himself, but his organization sure did. The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) is about to promote a new campaign that aims towards helping young adults get jobs, whether or not they have the traditional, prior experience and education.

According to, the CGI’s project is “a new public service campaign (that) asks businesses to train and mentor the millions of low-income young adults who may not have a college degree or a lot of work experience. Print, broadcast, radio, online and outdoor ads are on the way.”

That’s exciting news for millennials entering the workforce without having much to offer on their resume. It’s an optimistic campaign and one that could potentially benefit not only Gen Yers, but the companies hiring them too. If you’re a hiring manager currently looking for new job candidates, you might want to consider looking further into the new CGI campaign.

Know what you want in a candidate

Regardless of whether or not you’re keen on prior experience and education, there’s a plus side to hiring someone who’s willing to learn. If you’re reviewing a candidate who’s eager to work hard, be mentored and succeed, then why not re-think hiring that person? Slick Willy might be onto something here.


Young professionals entering the workforce are typically willing to work for lower salaries as long as the jobs are the right fit for them. Therefore, even if they don’t have outstanding experience, they’re still more affordable to hire compared to those with a superior background. If you’re willing to hire these types of candidates, then you better be prepared to outline your “wish list” for a candidate.

It’s important for recruiters and HR professionals to make sure they know what they want in their ideal applicants. In order to find a candidate that’s the right fit for your open position, it’s crucial to fine-tune your recruiting process.

The following are some simple ways to attract millennial candidates that are best for your open position:

  • Have a specific and brief description of your open position
  • Post your open job to social media sites, as well as popular job boards
  • Mention your company’s culture and off-site activities
  • Use an interview scorecard during your interviews
  • Conduct personality tests
  • Ask yourself if your company is willing to train and mentor this candidate once he or she is hired

If an inexperienced candidate meets your job requirements and culture fit, then why can’t he or she be the spot-on hire you were originally looking for? I think that’s what Bill would say...with some inspirational saxophone music in the background, of course.  

Want more information on hiring Gen Y candidates? Read through our free and insightful eBook now!


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QUIZ: Is your hiring process up to speed?

Posted by Natalie Pike on September 23, 2014

It's hard to admit you're doing something wrong. Everyone wants to think the process they've been following for years is the right one. And hey, it very well could be. Take this short, ten question, quiz and find out if your hiring process is where it's supposed to be in order to get the employees you really want!

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Manage Talent: Lessons from Inbound 2014

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 19, 2014

TGIF, right? It’s the end of the work week and while most of us might be trying to finish up last minute work or probably daydreaming about our weekend plans, there’s one thing we can all agree on: getting out of the office is N-I-C-E!

Silly Photos-12

It’s always pleasant to step aside from work to enjoy the simple or finer things in life (I guess it all depends on how much coin you have in your pocket. I’m perfectly fine with watching football in my mustard-stained sweatpants all weekend. I don’t think I’ll be yachting in the south of France anytime soon, but I digress).

Getting out of the office gives us some fresh air and a chance to gain new perspectives on things. A different outlook can help us improve both our personal behaviors and our performances in the office.

If you manage talent, it’s especially valuable getting time out of the office, even if you’re still working. It’s a simple way to gain some peace of mind and work on strengthening your skills. Staying on top of your game as a leader not only benefits yourself as a manger, but your entire team as well. 


For the last five days our Director of Marketing, Erin Borgerson, spent time away from our headquarters at a conference in Boston. The event was called Inbound, which is an annual conference hosted by HubSpot that focuses on all things marketing, including “four days of inspiring events.” And inspiration is exactly what Erin obtained from the event.

To get a better sense of the conference and the importance of improving oneself away from the office, I asked Erin about her time at Inbound. Here’s what she had to say:


"To start off, Inbound is a conference where marketing (and sales) professionals gather to learn and grow as inbound marketers. During the 6 keynotes, 25 sessions, and 4 workshops I attended I was able to stuff my brain with knowledge.

It was refreshing to hear multiple speakers emphasize the importance of hiring the right people. HubSpot's Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Volpe, stressed that an organization cannot grow without the right people in the right seats.

Dharmesh Shah, the Co-Founder and CTO of HubSpot, also encouraged business owners and hiring managers to look outside the box when it comes to talent. Sometimes the best employee doesn't have a degree in the field that they are hiring for.

Finally, the focus of the entire conference was the advances in technology that have given marketers the tools they need to build a brand, promote their company, and develop a strategy to push sales and revenue forward. 

It was definitely nice to get away for a little bit and work on building up my knowledge with inbound marketing. I now feel revitalized and ready to get back to work. I’m excited to incorporate everything I learned into my work, as well as share it all with my team so we can produce even better work moving forward." - Erin

(Scroll through HubSpot's tweets to learn more about what happened during the conference.

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Elements to a perfect job candidate

Posted by Natalie Pike on September 18, 2014

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

Once upon a time, in 1896, the original "Hamburger Sandwich" was created. 30 years later, the cheeseburger was born.  As the story goes, the cheeseburger was created by a chef named Lionel Sternberger. A homeless man was sitting in Sternberger's restaurant and suggested he put a slice of cheese on top of the hamburger. The rest is history!

So, in light of National Cheeseburger day, ask yourself this: What ingredients go into your perfect cheeseburger? Is it ketchup, mustard, lettuce, and tomato? Or perhaps bacon, BBQ sauce, and a fried egg? It varies depending on the person and their taste buds.  Ingredients_For_Candidate

This translates directly into the qualities you're looking for in your ideal job candidate. Each and every position requires different characteristics that make a candidate successful. The most critical step in the hiring process is having a deep understanding of your open job, and what it takes for someone to succeed in the role. If you are looking for a Marketing Coordinator, you'd probably want someone who is innovative, approachable and proactive. While an engineering position requires someone who is dependable, detail-oriented and efficient. You should find what elements your current successful employees have and use those to determine whether you should hire the job candidate or not. Our Elements of Success helps you figure out what characteristics to choose from and acts as guideposts for every step in your hiring process. 

Now, if I had to create the most undesirable cheeseburger on earth, I'd combine pickles, american cheese, ketchup and mayo. However, I bet thousands of people out there would find this combination delicious. It all depends on what your're looking for and find most appealing. Think about the exact qualities you want in your employee. If you hire people with the same combination of traits, it's unlikey your company will succeed.  Ignore the "Top Five Qualities" articles and think about what your business truly needs and what ingredients make your perfect candidate.


Not happy with your past hiring decisions? Take a look at our guide to find out the reasons why!


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Don’t stop with the iOS8: Signs your hiring software needs an update

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 17, 2014

"Hey man, did you upgrade your iPhone with iOS8 yet?"


That seems to be the number one question being thrown around by "iPhone hipsters" today as Apple releases their latest operating system for their mobile devices.

Upgrades are typically pleasant. I mean, who wouldn’t want a better version of…well anything? Having the best of version of things tends to be the most desirable tech need for people nowadays, especially if you’re trying to keep up with Joneses (better referred to as the “Carters” today or “Kardashians” if you’re into that kind of…thing).


Anyways, staying on top of technology improvements is essential, especially if you're using tech for your profession. It gives you an easy competitive advantage and keeps your head above water when it comes to learning new social trends. For those of you in the hiring and recruiting profession, this applies to you.

Hiring software is a vital tool used by most professionals in the hiring business, and just like the majority of software products, it’s nearly useless if it’s outdated. Therefore, it’s important to stay ahead of the game and make sure that you’re using hiring software that not only works, but is also highly functional for both operators and users.

10 signs it’s time for an upgrade 

 If you find yourself scratching your head when trying to use and/or fix your software, then it’s probably time for a change. Here are some signs that will tell you that it’s time to upgrade your hiring software:

  1. You’re low on applicants
  2. Can’t delete older job postings
  3. Having trouble adding new job postings
  4. Applicants can’t upload resumes, cover letters, etc.
  5. Emails aren’t being sent properly
  6. Applicants are receiving unwanted/irrelevant email responses
  7. Problems getting background checks and security information
  8. Can’t post positions to desired job boards
  9. Difficulties saving interview notes and scorecards
  10. It doesn’t work and gives you too many headaches! 

Need additional help upgrading your recruiting method? No sweat! Just download our complimentary eBook for some easy tips. 

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Hiring like Miss America. Four mistakes you may be making

Posted by Natalie Pike on September 16, 2014

After reading a recent Inc article, I noticed how similar participating in a beauty pageant and job interviewing can seem. Here is what I took away from it:

Being talented, answering questions to the best of your abilities, and looking better than ever...what do you think of when you read these qualities? A job interview? A beauty pageant? You may think these traits should apply to both, but they really shouldn't.

1410751850010-AP415174952888_1-1On Sunday night, Miss New York was crowned as Miss America 2015 for the third year in a row. Kira Kazantsev kept the New York streak going, while Courtney Paige Garrett, Miss Virginia, was the first runner-up. What makes Miss America different from Miss USA though? Among other reasons, Miss America has a talent portion. In fact, according to a Bustle article, "talent is the most important portion of the competition — it accounts for 35 percent of each contestant’s final score." After some thought, we realized this is very similar to what most people think about job interviews. 

If you are following pageant protocol, here are four mistakes you are making when hiring. 

1. It's all about the looks 

I'm sure we all wouldn't mind some extra eye candy around the office, but really, what does that have to do with the job itself and getting what needs to be done, done...right? If anything, it would only cause more of a distraction. Obviously, being beautiful is a major factor when deciding who will win Miss America. However, this shouldn't be included in the job description. Don't get me wrong, the candidate should be dressed professionally, but it's important to consider what this person will do for your company, not just what they look like.  

2.  Hiring from the same place

Like I said before, this is the third year in a row where Miss New York has won. It looks like they know what they're doing. This is not something you should consider when hiring the best candidate possible. Is every hire going to come from the same previous company? I sure hope not. As we all know, Amazon and Google are known for their amazing culture and employees, but this doesn't mean you should rule out someone because they are coming from a start-up down the street instead.

3. Expect an end result in the 20 second time slot. 

Miss America contestants are always asked difficult, intense questions that really require some deep thought and consideration. What they say in the given 20 seconds can change their entire life for either the good or the bad. We've all seen the video below, of Miss South Carolina answering a geography question.  Que awkwardness in 3...2...1...

Such as...I'm sure if she had more than 20 seconds, she could have came up with a better, more educated answer.  When hiring, you want candidates to answer your questions with a clear answer on how to fix major company problems. How are they supposed to do this in under a minute? Consider giving them the question in advance, inform them of the issues at hand, and have them present a quality answer and solution. 

4. Conversation is non-existent

Last but not least, there is nothing worse than an interview with zero conversation. You ask the candidate a question and they answer. Back and forth, back and forth. This is the protocol for a beauty pageant. The judge asks the question and the contestant answers. They don't have a chance to ask anything in return. If you want the best employee for your company, there needs to be a conversation. Not only do you want them to be a perfect fit for your business, you want them to want that as well. So, make sure to ask if they have questions for you, too. 

Let's put away the glitzy dresses and bikini tops and focus on what's important - the knowledge, passion and abilities of your future employees. 


If you're interested in cleaning up your hiring process, read our ebook now!

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Avoid burning cash flow with three hiring solutions

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 13, 2014

Feeling empty inside?



Sorry, I was speaking to your company’s bank account, not you—but I hope you’re doing well!

Recruiting is never easy, especially if you’re doing so on a tight budget. How are you suppose to find the right candidates if you don’t have the money to post on certain job boards or are limited to conducting only a few interviews? It’s a perplexing task to tackle; yet it’s not impossible.

There are numerous ways to attract and obtain qualified candidates on a budget. Nevertheless, there are only three simple approaches you should take if you want to make the right hiring solutions without spending a Scrooge McDuck pool-load of money.

Post On Your Own

You don’t always need the big name job boards to find a candidate. Sometimes, it’s as simple as posting your open positions on your own social media sites. There’s a good chance candidates will be looking at your websites if they’re trying to get a job within your industry.

Posting on your own sites will allow candidates to get a better sense of your company’s culture, as well as give you a direct channel to connect with those same candidates. Plus, it makes you look good. If you’re proud of your company and its workplace environment, brag about it! Young professionals want to work in these type of cultures, so if you show it on your site, they’re more than likely to come knocking on your door.

Get An Intern 

Working Hard-8

Isn’t cheap labor just the best? Ok, so that’s not how you’re supposed to talk about interns, but in all honesty—hire an intern! Interns have plenty to offer your business in a relatively short amount of time, for very little money.

Interns usually bring that extra energy your company might be looking for, including creative thinking and the willingness to learn. Hiring an intern is like giving back to the community. We’ve all been there before, whether it was for college credit or the opportunity to land a job. So pay back the people who once helped you out by hiring an intern. You’ll be glad you did…and so will your bank account.

Avoid Turnover

So this point is somewhat obvious, right? As much as most employers want to avoid having their employees leave after a short period of time, it happens more than you would think. According to a U.S. economics report from the Bureau of Labor Statics, “there were 4.6 million separations in July and the rate was 3.3 percent.” The aforementioned “separations” means any reason for a turnover, such as an employee quitting, firing, layoffs, etc. The point to take from here is that turnover happens all the time in our economy, but it can be avoided. 

Turnover also costs the employer money, so how can you evade bad employees? It’s simple really. All you have to do is make better assessments of your candidates. There are many ways to do this, but the most traditional are typically doing phone screens before interviews, conducting personality tests and running background checks.

You might need to spend some money with this process, but in the long run you’ll be saving more money. Do this and you’ll lower the risk of hiring someone you’ll eventually regret.

Need more hiring solutions to work with your budget? Take a look at our complimentary eBook for more help!

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