In today’s business environment, you need maximum flexibility to reach your greatest potential. Hireology staffing software is designed using the latest browser-based technology so you can guide qualified applicants through a seamless journey. Our comprehensive applicant tracking platform is optimized so you can access your candidate information from any internet connected area. With our easy to use, all-in-one platform, you can start improving your business without the stress of a software installation process.

Hireology’s complete hiring solution will send you automatic notifications anytime an added feature is applicable to your process. With our extensive list of services and features, Hireology's employment screening services will have your company interviewing and selecting candidates with confidence.

All-in-One Hiring Platform

Job Profiling

Most recruiting efforts are doomed from the start because managers fail to understand exactly what it is that they're looking for. Our Job Profiling Tool ensures that you're paying attention to the right things, and that your interviews are grounded in the realities of the job.

Career Site Functionality

Hireology provides your company with full Career Site functionality, enabling you to post jobs and receive candidate applications through a secure, online portal. Candidates apply for your open jobs online, reducing paperwork, cutting administrative overhead, and preventing the occasional lost resume.

Social Recruiting Console

Leverage the power of social media to recruit qualified candidates! Post jobs and manage inbound candidates to these social sites through our direct connection to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Employee screening services through Hireology can help to speed up the process from recruiting to interviewing and beyond.

Fully-scripted Interviews

Hireology's proprietary behavioral model – we call it our 67 Elements of Success™- leverages complex algorithms to create fully-scripted interviews that predict candidate fit. You’ll know what to ask, and how to ask it. No more winging it!

Reference Check Module

Hireology's "trust but verify" approach to candidate assessment is on display in our Reference Check Module. The applicant tracking software uses a straightforward approach that keeps candidates honest about their work history, and guides you through the process of getting the "real" story from your candidate's former supervisors.

Candidate Scorecard

Hireology automatically compiles results and score candidates at each step of the interview process. Uses advanced statistical models to predict a candidate's likelihood of success in the job for which they're being considered, and delivers a report that compare an individual candidate against our baseline of 1000's of similar interviews. This powerful tool ensures that your hiring choice is based on objective, metrics-based criteria, not "gut feel."

DiSC Assessment

The DiSC Assessment – one of the oldest and most respected predictors of workplace behavior – has been helping managers get the most out of their new employees for nearly 40 years. Order the DiSC assessment for any candidate directly through Hireology.

Credit and Criminal Background Checks

Order these critical verification items directly through Hireology. Our platform makes it easy for you to conduct your entire candidate due diligence process from one place.

Collaboration and Workflow

Robust Candidate Management Functionality

Hireology puts candidate information at your fingertips at every step of the process. Our centralized, secure candidate repository eliminates the need to save resumes on your local drive. Access candidate information anywhere there's an internet connection.

Customizable Interview Workflow

With Hireology's customizable workflow, you can easily assign users to one or more steps of the candidate assessment process. For example, assign the telephone interview to your HR resource, and assign the work history interview to the hiring manager.

Your choice: Paper or Web?

You can choose to convert any stage of the process to PDF for easy download and distribution. Scan and attach your interview notes directly to the candidate record and eliminate the need to store paper-based files.

Discussions and Commenting

Users can add/edit/delete comments at any step of the process, and Hireology keeps track of it all. Perfect for remote teams who conduct interviews by web cam or telephone, or for large interview teams who need to collaborate on decision-making.

Automatic notifications

Configure Hireology to send out automatic candidate notifications at various stages of the process. Saves time with preconfigured templates that can be sent out when triggered (i.e., candidate submits an application or resume).

Administration and Security Controls

User Management

Manage user settings and permissions easily in a centralized administration console. Add and delete users individually, set login credentials, and designate permissions.

Security and Permissions

Manage users and set access permissions by a company department or project team. Create user groups, add/delete users, and select what individual users and groups can access. Designate access permissions, including editing, viewing, previewing and uploading. Candidate information stays secure with 256-bit SSL encrypted file transfer.

Password Management

Perform mass user password resets. Gauge password strength. Require users to reset passwords periodically and on initial login, based on your security policies.