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Your virtual hiring headquarters.

Hireology is the only tool you need to manage all of your hiring efforts. With its proven hiring framework with data-backed insights, now called Atlas, we help thousands of businesses unify all hiring process steps, saving your team time and money.









Mission control keeps you organized.

Hireology summarizes everything you need to keep your hiring process running smoothly. Our system lets you know which applicants need your review, how many open jobs you currently have, interviews that have been recently scored, hires you've made, and any new hire onboarding steps you need to complete. 

Mission control keeps you organized and makes sure any candidate or new hire actions are always one click away.



Write and share their dream job description.

We'll work together to help your team create engaging job decriptions to drive the most applicants to your open roles. All Hireology job descriptions are written to be SEO-friendly to easily get picked up organically by leading job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor, as well as search engines like Google. 

Open roles can be embedded on your existing website using our free job list widget, or have us develop a custome career site to list your jobs while building your employment brand.

Every job opened with Hireology also gets a unique URL, making it simple to share through your company's social media channels or privately through email referrals. 






The biggest job boards, built right in.

Hireology can manage your paid job boards to boost visibility for your positions.

We have integrated support for all of the leading job boards including Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Craigslist, CareerBuilder and more.

All applicants — whether they apply from your website, social media, job board, or referrall will be centralized in your Hireology account, saving you time by centralizing the entire process.  



Easily move key candidates through the hiring process.

As soon as an applicant applies, Hireology sends a brief pre-screen survey for the applicant to complete, scoring their potential fit with your organization. We'll help you prioritize the top applicants to review first and collect their resume, cover letter, and survey score in one scorecard for easy review.

When it comes time to reach out and schedule interviews, this is also handled entirely through Hireology - cutting down on email volume to keep you organized.









Transform your interviews into valuable conversations — scored instantly.

Our process includes comprehensive interview guides to transform every interview into a valuable conversation to accurately measure a candidate's potential to join your team. 

Hireology interview guides let your team ask the right questions to gauge each candidate's potential, help avoid potentially illegal interview questions, and allow you to score the interview as soon as it's complete, identifying the core elements of success critical for each of your positions. Our interview guides allow you to objectively measure candidate potential to help you select the right candidate to join your team.




Easily test candidates for the skills they claim.

Any applicant can claim they have certain skills for your open roles, but you don’t want to learn whether or not this is true after deciding to make the decision to hire.

Findly tests are integrated directly inside Hireology, letting our customers quickly and easily test potential applicants to see how their skills would translate on the job while they’re still in the interview process.

Hireology can automatically send and score each test, so the only thing you need to do is review the final results, giving you peace of mind in each candidate's ability to get the job done.










Say goodbye to manual reference checks.

Hireology automates the reference checking process, so you can verify every candidate near the hiring decision stage. We place the responsibility of collecting references on the candidate, and automatically email a detailed survey that's unique to the role. Once references complete the survey, we'll create a report and let you know it's ready for review.

With Hireology, a vast majority of candidate reference checks are complete within 36 hours, with very little effort needed from the hiring manager.




Background, MVR, and drug screening, built right in.

Customers requiring background, motor vehicle, and drug screening verifications on candidates can also manage this from within Hireology. Once requested, any verification package will automatically notify the candidate with comprehensive instructions on how to complete each verification, with the results sent to you as soon as they're available. 

Our automated verifications ensure you can verify each and every hire you make, giving you peace of mind while building your new team.








Onboard your new hires digitally for a form-free first day.

Once your offer is accepted by a candidate, you can onboard them quickly and seamlessly by getting tax forms, personal information, direct deposit, and I9 verification completed well before their first day on the job. 

This dramatically saves your time while letting the new hire complete any forms or training materials at their own pace in the comfort of their own home so they can be calm and collected, and focus on the excitement of their new role. 

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